Feb 13 - Mar 23, 2013

A fundraiser for the Love Yourself Project

Reception: Feb 14, 6 - 8pm

Curated by Luiza Cardenuto and Marie Katherine Vigneau

Image of Artwork Advertising AsyMEtry Exhibition and Fundraiser for the Love Yourself Project at Michael Mut Gallery, New York Feb - Mar 2013


"Art is the mind's vehicle and weapon.  We use it to change, to understand and to move, both others and ourselves. It allows us to analyze the world and accept ourselves."

AsymMEtry is a visual arts exhibition that celebrates human flaws. Artists will be encouraged to discuss their personal flaws and techniques they use to cope with these weaknesses. Some of the questions being addressed in this artistic experiment will be: What are natural flaws? Are flaws influenced by culture? Why do we strive for symmetry? Should we view asymmetry as more powerful and beautiful?

Acceptance is one of the ideals of the Love Yourself Project. It creates a community of people who respect each other. We are offering artists and viewers the experience of finding profound joy as they discover and accept their authentic selves. Living in this modern capitalist society that values competition, consumption, and profit-gaining above love, our aim is to fight any societal notion that tells us how to look, feel or be.  We strive for a community of lovers, teachers, students and listeners that engage in conversations and activities that invigorate individuality and remind us the simple task "to love ourselves unconditionaly."

Half of all proceeds will be donated to the Love Yourself Project.